US-Russia bid to end Syria war positive: AL


CAIRO — The head of the Arab League Thursday welcomed a new effort by Russia and the United States to seek a negotiated end to Syria’s civil war and called on the Syrian government and opposition to participate.

“This Russian-US cooperation to work together and directly constitutes a significant and positive development,” Nabil Al-Arabi said in a statement.

Moscow and Washington agreed this week to try to bring President Bashar Al-Assad’s government and his opponents to the negotiating table, but it remains unclear if they will agree.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry also welcomed the US-Russian proposal to resolve the country’s war, saying it was confident key ally Moscow would not change its stance on the conflict.

“Syria welcomes the US-Russian rapprochement… It is confident that the Russian position, which is based on the principles of the UN Charter and international law, will not change,” the ministry said.

Al-Arabi urged Assad’s government, the opposition National Coalition and all other Syrian parties to seize the opportunity to agree on the formation of a transitional government. — Agencies

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