How To Satisfy your Man In Bed and Make Him Remember You Forever


For a longlasting relationship,one of the vital aspect in a relationship,is the the sexuality trait.

When you talking about satisfying a man in bed is far important as how women take care of their skin ( skin deep). The notion that men are simple sexual creatures could be descibe as men being intricate as women.

Satisfying a man sexually and have him remember you always isn’t the easiest thing to do,i really must be sincere.

There are tips to share on Ways To Satisfy Your Man In Bed

1. Take your time – Some women think that men care only about lovemaking and not the process it requires. This is a wrong notion. Even as it is important for a man to orgasm,they also enjoy the process of romancing too. That’s why the series of foreplay a woman takes part goes a long way that a man would always appreciate every moment.

2. Change positions – Men are crazy about varieties of foreplay and it’s easy for them to get bored if your lovemaking follows the same pattern over and over again. To easily change that all you need to do is change your sexual positions from time to time. Some positions can be more pleasurable for both of you, and you might find one which you haven’t tried before that gives you extreme pleasure, so it’s worth trying out new stuff.The Missinarry style is the oldest and most common sex position.Men would really appreciate varieties of sex styles.

3. Don’t be stiff during love making – One of the things men complain about is that their woman doesn’t move in bed. “All she does is just lie there in which I’ve heard a lot of men say. Your man wishes to see that you’re flexible in moment. If you don’t seem like an active participant, it takes a lot of the fun away. Also, adding your own movements to his will increase his pleasure speedly, not to mention yours.

4. Use your hands – We all know that the male genital area is sensitive to the touch. Your hands can do wonders to get your man into the mood and send him into ecstasy. Make sure to use irregular strokes and change the pace often. One tip which I found immensely helpful is to use some baby oil on your hands. This can literally send your man into pleasure shock.

5. Oral Sex – One thing which all men enjoy is oral sex. To really please your man sexually, you have to give him some good oral sex. Men are naturally grateful for women who do that, and you’d probably get some special treatment in return. Make sure to take your time and experiment with different techniques.

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